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Energy Therapy Sessions include Vibrational Energy Balancing, Esoteric Healing, Reiki, and Fields of Consciousness (a self designed energetic treatment system, which has evolved over many years of study and practice). All of these techniques are applied to effect deep inner healing on all levels and are also used for release of trauma from past or present events. The sessions can be done with individuals, relationships, couples, and family. They are given energetically and intuitively in a safe and gentle way.

Esoteric Healing means deep inner healing. It is a "hands-off" system of treating the energy flow of the human body in order to promote health and balance. It is a way to access energies, emotions, and thoughts that may be hidden or unconscious, such as trauma and painful memories from life challenges, major life changes or even childhood. With Energy Therapy, the release of these stored energies can be gentle and effective.

Balancing and integrating the flow of the physical, emotional, and mental energies are other key aspects of Energy Therapy. When the energy flow is blocked or restricted, an imbalance occurs which may result in illness or disease. Stress and inner restrictions can be neutralized to support vitality and healing. Continue Reading >>